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Dr. Cheung instructs at Professional Development Course 10 - “Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens: Recognition, Evaluation, and Control” at the AIHA Fall Conference


“Please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you made in San Antonio at AIHA’s Fall Conference!  Attendees were intrigued to hear about your experiences and were excited to be able to take a deep-dive into your technical area of expertise.  The information you shared provided attendees with knowledge that they couldn't have gained in any other way. Thank you so much, for sharing both your time, and experiences.  Your leadership and participation helped make our conference an incredible success.”

Robert Bacci, CIH, CSP
Chair, AIHA Fall Conference Planning Committee


Concerned family consults Cogency in the wake of massive chlorine spill


"I just want to take a moment to thank you for the consult you did on my 8 year old son. It was scary for me as a parent to see my son so sick from the massive chlorine spill at the pool. The intensive treatment at the hospital and subsequent regimen of medications were disconcerting to me as a parent, but your diagnosis of his condition from this toxic chemical, your outline of the expected recovery course and close follow up help put my mind at ease. Today he is active and participating in sports as if he never had the exposure. Thank you again for your care, concern and expertise!"

David Brian


Cogency helps St. Mary's College eliminate mold contamination


“St. Mary’s College of Maryland is extremely grateful for the services you provided during our crisis in the fall of 2011 related to an outbreak of mold in two residence halls. Presented with significant moisture and mold issues in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, the College was in need of expert advice to protect the health and well-being of its students as well as develop a plan of action to address the environmental challenges within the buildings.

Mold issues of the scale we encountered are inherently complex. We were very fortunate to have your expertise to help us navigate through the varied issues in a reasoned and practical manner. At all times you kept the best interest of our students first while guiding us to solutions for restoring their living spaces. Looking back at the experience, we do not know how we could have successfully responded to this crisis without your incredible service.”

Charles C. Jackson
Vice President for Business and Finance
St. Mary’s College of Maryland


Dr. Cheung defuses anxiety during town hall meeting


“I have worked with Dr. Cheung’s team on a major Indoor Air Quality issue. This was a polarized incident involving pickets, union fighting for turf and membership leverage. Dr. Cheung had the amazing ability of deescalating the situation, explaining what environmental factors could and could not cause symptomology. He calmed people down, explained complex scientific and medical issues in simple terms and was instrumental in taking a potentially explosive issue and dissipating it and moving on. His advice on how to interact with employees who had concerns or feared they had symptoms, and his quick medical assessment of them along with individually appropriate follow-up or returning to work was both pro-active and, in hindsight, very critical.”

Alan Baker
Personnel Services Administration
State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


Cogency resolves Legionella scare


“I have worked with Dr. Cheung’s team and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and expert medical advice during our Legionnaires’ alarm in December. Through your efforts, a situation which could have easily turned into a crisis was resolved to the full satisfaction of the division head and more importantly, to our employees who were affected by this issue.”

Esther Scaljon
Executive Director
Human Resources
State of Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services


Cogency's own Dr. Cheung speaks at UPENN Hospital


“Thank you for your most excellent talk on OEM Specialist & Environmental Outbreaks/Investigations to our Occupational Medicine Residents. The content of your talk was exactly the missing piece that we needed for our environmental health module. We are very lucky to be recipients of this valuable information. ”

Poune Saberi, MD, MPH
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Cogency Medical provides a cost effective solution


“I have worked with Dr. Cheung and found his assistance in our indoor air quality assessments and prompt action prevented what could have been traumatic experiences and prolonged medical complaints for many employees. Your medical intervention and expert advice into our indoor air quality problems not only put employees’ minds at ease, but were cost-effective for this department as well.”

Mary Kennedy
Employee Health Services
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services for the State of Maryland


Cogency works with Baltimore School to resolve asbestos contamination


“…I found Dr. Cheung to be totally upfront with me as well as the teachers I represented. He always answered my questions in a clear manner and made himself available on a 24-hour basis. He always followed through on any promises and was persistent in directing the school system to do everything possible to alleviate the problems faced, especially with regard to asbestos contamination…”

Mark Beytin
Past President
Teachers Association of Baltimore County


Cogency provides leadership and medical expertise


“Dr. Cheung has demonstrated technical expertise in the field of occupational medicine as well as good management and business skills. As the manager of Human Resources for Maryland Aviation Administration, an agency within MDOT (Maryland Department of Transportation), who owns and operates Baltimore/Washington International and Martin State Airports, I depend on Dr. Cheung to provide direction in the area of occupational medicine.”

Janine A. Ladzinski
Division of Human Resources Maryland Aviation Administration


Cogency restores employee confidence after IAQ concerns


“Dr. Cheung’s aggressive approach and highly ethical forthrightness with management and employees have had a very calming, stabilizing influence in these [IAQ] cases. He does an exceptional job and has a very high degree of credibility with both management and employees involved in these situations. Whether the concerns are valid, or the result of hype, rumor and unfounded fears, Dr. Cheung is very successful in explaining in terms his audience can understand, what is (or is not) present in the facility and how it may affect them. He is very thorough in his follow-up, meeting privately with employees who express personal health concerns and conferring with their personal physicians.”

Michelle Rozner
Assistant Secretary, Department of General Services
State of Maryland

Clients past and present of Cogency and its team members come from many sectors. Some of them include:

  1. Assisted Living/Nursing Homes
  2. Colleges and Universities
  3. Commercial Office Buildings
  4. Construction Companies
  5. Defense Contractors
  6. Department Stores
  7. Department of Defense
  8. Energy and Alternative Energy Developers
  9. Federal Government
  10. Homeowners and Homeowner's Associations
  11. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  12. Industry and Manufacturing Plants
  13. Insurance
  14. Law Firms
  15. Local Government
  16. Multifamily Housing
  17. Property Owners
  18. Property and Building Managers
  19. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  20. School Systems
  21. Specialty Medical Care Facilities
  22. State Government
  23. Tenants
  24. Transportation