COVID-19: Are you ready for the next normal?

COVID-19 Recovery

Are you ready for the next normal?

The threat remains. Recovery is a mixture of process and vision to meet the next normal and to thrive. We are experts in public health and environmental medicine, with a focus on workplace and site safety and health—let us help your business to prepare.

Getting Back to Business

Recovery and continuity are different in a pandemic crisis—most businesses either don’t have a plan, or they do, but it doesn’t cover a pandemic scenario. It’s not business as usual. From building the right tactical team within your organization and identifying sustainable goals moving forward to helping with regulatory and legal, customer demand, and reputation management issues. Cogency experts are here to help guide your business in this rapidly evolving crisis through the lens of medicine and public health, and to develop robust recovery and continuity plans for future public health crises.


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Assessing Your Risk

Pandemic public health threats such as COVID-19 have two primary adverse impacts on organizations: operations and employees. Combatting these threats requires swift and cooperative action. A pandemic risk assessment should be a priority if you have not already done one or if you’re uncertain about how to move forward. Cogency experts address challenges that include review of exposures, insurance complexities, business continuity planning, policies and procedures, and surveillance and communication, to name a few.


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Guidelines & Testing

Information—and misinformation—about COVID-19 guidelines and testing is fluid and dynamic; each day reveals a new development or update. We are public health professionals who follow the science, curating the data and then advising our clients with relevant and timely facts. This includes intelligence about diagnostic and surveillance—or antibody—testing and vaccine development, and easing or terminating shelter-at-home orders, and how these apply to you, your employees and your business.


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Keeping Employees Healthy & Safe

There is nothing non-essential about your employees. They sustain your business, which means that their health and safety are essential—despite a pandemic disruption. We understand this because we are business owners, too. Our team helps yours to review and develop prevention and personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures, contact tracing and surveillance, hygiene, disinfection and cleaning protocols, and adherence to OSHA regulations. And, we work with your HR leaders to develop corporate health and safety programs and communication strategies.


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Crisis Communication

Your community—be it employees, vendors or other stakeholders—must have accurate, reasoned and timely information about response efforts when your business has been threatened by COVID-19. This includes swift answers to questions related to environmental health concerns about outbreaks and cases, as well as ongoing education, training and awareness about infection prevention and control, disease symptoms, and quarantine protocols. Cogency helps you to develop clear, consistent and science-based communication to support you through COVID-19 and beyond.


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