COVID-19: Are you ready for the next normal?

Expertise & Capabilities

Clarity and preparation are your best weapons.

Confusion and alarm dominate every disease outbreak, building or property incident, accidental spills and other environmental crises. Our experts have led hundreds of businesses and government entities before, during and after these events through a scientific, health-based approach that:

Anticipates potential high-risk events and establishes prevention procedures

Analyzes the causes of occurrences to develop specific solutions

Helps you to comply with legal and regulatory guidelines

Aligns your response strategy and population health with mission and public health

Public Health
Public Health. Medical Concept with Blurred Text, Stethoscope, Pills and Syringe on Grey Background. Selective Focus.

Public Health

Every business has a public health footprint. What’s yours? These days, it’s more important than ever to make public health part of your business agenda. Cogency experts are skilled at helping you to prepare or guiding you through a current infectious disease crisis.

> COVID-19: The world has never seen something quite like the novel COVID-19 virus, which is caused by a coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. Our team of public health experts includes field investigators, physicians and epidemiologists trained to help you manage this public health crisis, with science-based guidelines and strategies for your workplace and its people.

> Legionella/Waterborne Pathogens: There are multiple bacteria, viruses and parasites associated with natural and man-made water sources. These may cause disease and illness in humans and affect workplace safety and patient health. Our goal is to help you respond quickly and effectively to these outbreaks.

Core Services

  • Risk assessment and water management plan
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Infection prevention and forecasting
  • Business recovery and continuity planning
  • Guidelines and testing consulting
  • Onsite laboratory and vaccination services
  • Employee health and safety assessment and planning
  • Crisis communication
  • Disinfection and cleaning
  • Contact tracing when indicated
  • Safety and PPE protocols
  • OSHA and other regulatory reviews
  • Employer liaison to CDC, local health departments and other government agencies
Environmental & Occupational Health
Building Science

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