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Why Us?

When You Need a “Surgical Strike”

When an environmental crisis strikes….strike back, with a “surgical strike.”

We call it a “surgical strike” because it is…

  • Scientific – Our experts bring the state-of-the-art knowledge on a variety of key disciplines that directly address your problem.  You don’t have to deal with many different firms that can each solve only part of your problem.
  • Focused – We can provide many different services – but you only get the ones you need.  You don’t waste resources on unnecessary procedures.
  • Swift – We solve your problem faster because we do the right things – and do them right the first time.


Our approach is unique because it is based on a public health model with an individual and clinical medicine focus. For more than 15 years, we have been providing high-value, medically-based counsel and solutions to our clients on a vast array of national and community, occupational and environmental health issues.

In short, by working with our team, you can effectively attack the problem that is attacking your people, your property, your mission and your reputation.


Protecting your people, your purpose and your reputation.

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Cogency's Advisory Council hosted a discussion today on recent Legionella events and their implications. Thank you to all who attended!
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