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Building Science

Resolution of issues with indoor air quality in the built-environment inevitably involves a mixture of building science principles from physics, chemistry, engineering and architecture, life sciences knowledge and construction expertise.  Symptoms of a building failure can vary from an obvious moisture intrusion incident with follow-on consequences including possible mold amplification to comfort complaints or to occupant reported health effects attributed to building defects or systems where no issue is readily apparent.  Each condition is unique and creates a forensic challenge which needs to be unraveled in order to respond to occupant complaints as well as identify the cause to enable restoring the indoor environment to a safe, healthful and sustainable indoor environment. The Cogency Team has integrated the necessary expertise, resources and disciplines to protect your people, your property and your purpose, before, during and after your crisis.


  • Building Science Investigations
  • Construction Management
  • Field Operations and Scheduling
  • Pathway and Pressure Survey
  • Project Management, Support and Guidance
  • Remediation Consulting/Situation Analysis


  • Construction Defects / Root Cause Analysis
  • Indoor Environmental Investigation and Sampling
  • Medical Occupancy Decisions
  • Moisture Intrusion Investigations
  • Mold Evaluation/Remediation Scope Development and Oversight
  • Mold Investigation and Sampling
  • Project Recovery Strategies


  • Claims and Negotiations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Toxic Tort Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Medical Re-Occupancy Decisions
  • Remediation Clearance
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