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Medical Toxicology


Is there an occupant with a medical complaint due to an unknown odor at your building? Is there a student with an unexplained respiratory illness at your school? Does one of your employees need a disability rating so they can return to work safely? Because people’s health is what matters most, we bring state-of-the art science to address medical concerns promptly and professionally. The Cogency Team has integrated the necessary expertise, resources and disciplines to protect your people, your property and your purpose, before, during and after your crisis.


  • American Disabilities Association (ADA) Analysis and Accommodation Recommendations
  • Biomonitoring and Medical Monitoring
  • Corporate Health, Safety and Wellness Programs
  • Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  • Medical Directorship
  • Preventative Recommendations


  • Causality Evaluations
  • Critical Analysis and Decision Making
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Dose-response Modeling
  • Epidemiological Causation Assessments
  • Incident Management from a Medical Perspective
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Occupational Exposure Assessments


  • Critical Analysis and Causation Assessments
  • Literature Search and Analysis
  • Outbreak Investigation Review
  • Toxic Tort Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
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