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Dr. Cheung to Speak at the AIHce Expo 2019: Advancing Worker Health & Safety

Cogency’s President and Founder Dr. Hung Cheung will be speaking at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota this May 2019. This year’s topic is “Advancing Worker Health & Safety”, geared towards educating industrial hygienists, occupational health professionals, EHS specialists, safety professionals, risk management professionals, and others. Attendees of this conference will learn about this year’s “trends, needs, and research” to aid employee health through general sessions, lectures, product demonstrations, poster sessions, and Professional Development Courses.

On Monday, May 20, Dr. Cheung is leading an Education Session titled; “Hot Tub Confessionals, Part 2 – Perspectives on Preparing for, and Reacting to, a Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak – A Physician, an Attorney, and an Industrial Hygienist”. He will also be delivering a Professional Development Course titled, “Legionella Assessments – Sampling, Measurement, and Interpretation.” These lectures, geared towards occupational and industrial health professionals, will teach exposure assessment strategies, risk assessment and management, sampling and analysis.

Those interested in attending can register here.

For more information about Legionella, or speaking engagements, contact the experts at Cogency at

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