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Dr. Cheung Invited to be a Delegate at the National Summit on Waterborne Disease

Cogency’s founder and President, Dr. Cheung, has been invited to be a delegate at the National Summit on Waterborne Disease: Source to Tap Solutions for Infrastructure Policy. This Washington DC summit will focus on both the science and the legislature needed to protect against the spread of waterborne pathogens in our infrastructure.

Although often not prioritized, waterborne diseases pose a substantial public health risk and a significant cost to the economy. Each year, waterborne pathogens cost the United States over $1 billion in hospitalization expenses. We can see this across the country; cities like Flint, Michigan, and New York City, New York have already fallen victim to failing infrastructure. Many municipalities will have to replace aging water infrastructure to help slow the spread of waterborne pathogens that are currently ubiquitous in our pipes.

Now that Congress is drafting new legislature to address aging infrastructure, water quality and infrastructure must be taken into account. This summit will bring together healthcare professionals, affected population groups, building and utility managers, and others who seek to address these issues, educate, and shape policy.

Those interested in attending the National Summit on Waterborne Disease on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center can register here:


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