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New Changes to Cogency!

We at Cogency are very excited to welcome and announce that Allan Burt, MBA, LEED AP BD+C has joined the Cogency team as the Director of both Legionella/Waterborne Pathogens and Building Science Divisions. These dedicated departments will provide focused service in areas where Cogency has already had long experience. As the Director of both Legionella/Waterborne Pathogens and Building Science Divisions, Allan’s role is to bring leadership, efficiency and greater clarity in helping our clients manage and prevent environmental injuries and occupational hazards, including Legionellosis, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or building related illnesses.  Allan’s unique set of credentials and deep expertise in both fields will bring additional insight and resources to our clients in these areas.

Waterborne pathogens are disease-causing agents, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, typically associated with water. Legionella is a common type of bacteria found in both natural and man-made water sources that can cause pneumonia or influenza-like illnesses in humans. Cogency experts can investigate outbreaks or perform risk assessment to help identify, assess, manage and mitigate your risk of future outbreaks of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

Building Science is the scientific knowledge and experience which focuses on the interaction between the building enclosure, its inhabitants, building services (electrical/mechanical systems), site location and the external weather environment which can impact human health and comfort. Cogency experts can help before, during and after an IAQ incident to resolve issues involving building failure, and restore the building to a safe and healthful indoor environment.

To learn more about Building Science and Legionella/Waterborne Pathogens or Cogency’s other lines of services, including Toxics Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology and Medical Toxicology, and how we can help to protect your people, your property, and purpose, contact the experts at Cogency at

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