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Cogency’s own Dr. Cheung recently spoke to ABC2 about the deadly Legionnaire’s outbreak that has claimed 8 lives in New York

Another person has died from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, bringing the death toll to eight, city health officials said Wednesday.

Ninety-seven people have been diagnosed with the disease, which is caused when water contaminated with a certain bacteria is inhaled into the lungs. The eight people who died were older and had other medical problems.

Officials said the city’s outbreak has been traced to cooling towers, which can release mist (of contaminated droplets), in(to) the South Bronx (area). Five towers in the area tested positive for legionella bacteria and have since been decontaminated.

According to Dr. Cheung, there are 34 species & 70 plus subspecies, if the investigators have a DNA match between the environmental samples and the patient specimens, then remediation and aggressive maintenance should reduce the number of cases within the next two weeks.

For more information about the outbreak or Dr. Cheung’s interview, click here.

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