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Legionnaire’s disease hospitalizations in Baltimore senior housing apartment

The Baltimore City Health Department has confirmed reports of two cases of Legionnaires’ disease stemming from conditions at a senior housing apartment.

Laboratory tests revealed in a news release detailed circumstances in which residents of the Apostolic Towers in Baltimore were hospitalized and diagnosed with the disease. The two cases were reported to have occurred in March and May. Health officials say that the building’s potable water system will be tested as a result of the incidents.

Legionnaires’ disease is transmitted by inhalation of aerosolized water and/or soil contaminated with the bacteria. It is not transmitted from person-to-person. Sources where temperatures allow the bacteria to thrive include hot-water tanks, cooling towers and evaporative condensers of large air-conditioning systems, such as those commonly found in hotels and large office buildings.

For more information on the disease, contact the Cogency TEAM.

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